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The first trip to the Gym or Fitness Centre ...

Can be an intimidating and very different experience

Ashayne Fitness Personal WelcomeLet us start by saying every single person feels a little self-conscious when they first visit a Gym or Fitness centre like ours. It is normal to feel a little awkward when going for the first time.

HEY!!! The good news? Everyone that is already at the centre when you arrive are far too pre-occupied with their own bodies and workouts to pay much attention to yours. The quicker you gain an understanding of that, the sooner you will overcome your embarrassment the quicker you will be able to move forward and ge involved with working out.

We all know the first trip to the Gym or Fitness Centre can be an intimidating and very different experience.

You often find huge blokes with giant mussels throwing massive weights around like match sticks and some of the women who look like they could just stretch out of their clothing, many looking like they are ready to enter a body building competition, it can be a humbling place for a new person looking to get started.

Most gyms, health and life fitness centres are typically thriving with activity during the busy hours, people are all over the place moving from machine to machine in what seems like organized chaos. Everyone is following what seems to be a long list of unwritten etiquette rules and they all seem to know exactly what to do and when to do it.

It can be very intimidating to a newcomer making them think it is better to work out at home. But a gym or fitness centre does not have to be an overbearing or an imposing environment.

Our team at Ashayne Fitness have a great understanding of how our new people feel and take great care to ensure your experience is a good one, after your fist visit you will want to come back again and again.

It only takes a little forward preparation and it is a good idea to check with your medical practitioner and gain a clearance before you make a start. With our help, assistance and guidance you will soon learn what’s what and what’s where and more importantly, you will start to meet people and look forward to coming to have some fun .. It’s not all about the workout. On your first few visits to our centre it will be me or a qualitied Ashanye Fitness team member that will supervise every move you make.


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