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I first began training with Shane in December 2015 after a double bunionectomy surgery. After 8 weeks of minimal weight bearing I was struggling with my recovery so I contacted Shane for rehabilitation.

Shane has taught me so much over the past 10 weeks, I was unable to balance on one foot when I first saw Shane with his patience, dedication and persistence I am now able to run and complete a full circuit, which is a huge step in the right direction for me. My co-ordination and strength have both improved dramatically, thanks to working with Shane, it has proved invaluable as he has shown me how to do each exercise properly.

Not having ever worked with a Personal Trainer before, I have been pleasantly surprised at how successful my first experience has been. Shane has been an absolute pleasure to work with, from the first phone call to explain my needs he has been professional, understanding and committed to getting me back on my feet, literally!

Shane understands the science of Personal Training, determining my individual requirements was essential to my recovery and he always brings fun to each session along with his passion for my success and the enthusiasm needed for motivation. He has a multitude of valuable knowledge such as muscle function, body mechanics and has shown me the connection of nutrition and diet along with exercise. These elements along with his dynamic and caring personality make Shane a great trainer.

I have been extremely happy with my rapid improvement and Shane has restored my confidence.

No matter what your fitness goals are I am certain Shane will help you attain them.

Thank you Shane!

Leighj Boyd